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Health Monitor is the wireless device which depends on the bluetooth for signal transmission and needs to be combined with a mobile phone application. The product through infrared sensors, pressure sensors to collect the test requirements of body temperature, blood pressure and pulse rate information, and through Bluetooth to transfer information to the phone application to display. The users can observe the temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate and history measurement records in the mobile phone application. The users can also set the temperature measurement, blood pressure measurement, history record and other function according to their demand.

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The unit has multi functions of measuring heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure and blood oxygen. The monitor works with your mobile device to test, track and share data.
Equipment application part: device and cuf

Intended Use:
1.The unit is intended for the use in measuring heart rate,ECG, body temperature, blood pressure and blood oxygen at home or monitoring of the hypertensives, fever patients and anoxic patients. It is intended to be used at home or healthcare facilities. And this device cannot be used in ICU.
2.Side effects: N/A
3.User profile (Patient profile):The device is intended to be used by lay persons, nurses, physicians who are able to read and understand English.
4. Do not use the device on body part with injury and skin infection.
5.Blood pressure measurement is intended to be used for person over 12 years old.
6.Body temperature measurement is intended to be used for person over 5 years old.
7.Heart Rate and SpO2 measurements are intended to be used for person over 6 years old.
8.The operator must be able to read English.



Additional information

Weight 0.606 kg
Dimensions 13.8 × 7 × 19 cm


Indications for Use

Product Classification

According to the protection of the risk of electric shock, this product is classified as class Ⅱ type equipment.
Type BF: Cuff;Type CF: ECG electrode, temperature probe, blood oxygen probe.

Operating Environment

Vital Signs Monitor operating environment as follows:
a) Environment temperature: +5℃ ~+ 40℃
b) Relative humidity: 0%~80%
c) Barometric pressure: 86 kPa~106 kPa
d) Ambient temperature test: when the ambient temperature is 25.5℃ , temperature of the cuff is 27.1℃ , the ECG metal plate is 27.2℃ , and the blood oxygen probe is 26.1℃ .
e) When the ambient temperature is 40℃ , temperature of the cuff is 41.6℃ , the ECG metal plate is 41.7℃ , and the blood oxygen probe is 40.6℃ . At this time, the ECG application part exceeds 41℃ , and the patient should use it without any skin damage, such as burns, scalds, or wounds. It is recommended that each use should not exceed 5 minutes.
f) Supply voltage: 5V±0.25V ; DC Power Supply 3.7V, Battery capacity:400mAh
g) Communication protocol: Bluetooth 4.0; Bluetooth working frequency: 2.4000 ~ 2.4835GHz.

Full Instruction Manual: Mintti-vision-manual-2021


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